1956 Belvedere in a field

Found this very cool old car sitting in a field rotting away.  Very cool old car with a lot of good parts left.  You don’t see these very often, so parts are going to be hard to find.   After an hour or so of digging it out of the earth it had been buried in for years, we finally got it dragged onto the trailer.

Initial inspection of the car shows that she is pretty rough with the trunk pan rusted away and the lower quarters not looking much better.  The car was stuffed full of random parts, it will be exciting trying to figure out what all these fit.

Now comes the good news bad news part of this story.  Once we got it up on the lift we were shocked to see just how solid the floor boards were, but the engine is not looking good.  It has been sitting all those years in the field without an oil pan and the bottom end is rusted together.    Let me know if you are looking for any parts or perhaps the whole car as a project.  text or call Andy at 260-267-4828 or andy@fatmansgarage.com

4 thoughts on “1956 Belvedere in a field”

  1. 56 plymouth trunk, how bad is it underneath, maybe interested, am interested in rear splash pan and left rear chrome trim on quarter panel, price ? my phone # is 678-576-7454 and e-mail is hrldfrmr@yahoo.com

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