SS El Camino Dash Repair

Printed circuit gauge board install on 70-72 Chevelle or El Camino gauges.

No one knows how or who, but someone tried to install a radio in our 1972 SS El Camino and shorted out the printed circuit board.  After removing the offending radio, we found the melted mess behind gauges.

After searching eBay we found a good deal on NOS printed circuit board for a 70-72 SS with warning lights part number 8901486.

This is a very easy repair.  We begin by remove the dash light bulb sockets, they just twist out.

Then remove the small screws that are holding it and providing the ground.  Also, remove the two nuts and washers that are attached to the fuel gauge.

Reassembly is just the reverse of how you took it apart.  Start by lining up the new circuit board and installing the small screws to hold it in place.  Do not tighten these down yet, you might have to make small adjustments as you line all the bulbs up.

Lastly replace all the light bulb sockets back into their holes.  This would be great time to double check all the bulbs are still go or even upgrade to brighter LED bulbs.  Then reinstall the washers and two nuts for the gas gauge, also don’t forget to tighten up the small screws you left loose from the previous step.

2 thoughts on “SS El Camino Dash Repair”

    1. You can just remove the gauge bezel plate and access the gauges. It is really pretty easy, just don’t get too rough with it. The tabs on this old plastic break very easily.

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