Windshield Molding Install for 1972 El Camino.

1972 El Camino trim

Finally, our new windshield molding has arrived for the El Camino and it’s time to install it.

1972 El Camino trim 1972 El Camino trim

Moody, our new Paint Shop Manager, is trying to figure out the trim clips work.  Since this car was made before he was born he has never seen anything like that before.  The clip that we used from NAPA an the part number is 665-1953.

2-dsc_6443 1-dsc_6442

Bob ,aka “The FatMan”, had to come out and show him how it was done.

1972 El Camino trim

It  was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

1972 El Camino trim


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