1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible

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Very clean, rust free project Hess & Eisenhardt Jaguar XJS Convertible. Beautiful example of the Jaguars highly collectible first version of the XJS convertible. I believe that everything is here to put this great car back together again, or it would be great start for an engine swap, maybe a Big Block conversion.

Less than 900 of these H&E convertibles were made, fully authorized by Jaguar as the first convertible offering of the XJS, and far fewer have survived in this beautiful condition, making this car one of the rarest Jaguars of the era. Some estimate less than 150 still exist.

Leather interior has some wear and the seats have some holes, but the rest is beautiful for its age. The top is in new perfect condition as seen in the photos.

Hess & Eisenhardt had a rich history of building custom conversions for presidents, queens, and celebrities. They famously built the $500,000 stretch Lincoln convertible for JFK, and several stretch Lincolns convertibles for Queen Elizabeth II that featured a custom hydraulic seat lift to ensure that she was seen higher than anyone else riding with her.

A few months after this particular car was built, a fire burned the original H&E facility to the ground, making this one of the last cars produced in that historic building.

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