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Genuine GE RPWFE RPWF Refrigerator Water Filter For Model PFH28PSHCSS New In Box

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The GE RPWFE replacement refrigerator water filter features advanced filtration technology that is tested and verified to remove trace pharmaceuticals from water supplies. Interchangeable with the GE RPWF, its NSF 42/ 53 certification guarantees the reduction of contaminants such as cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, and other pesticides and industrial chemicals. Filter performance and the ability to cut chlorine taste and odor along with particulates remains high over the life of the filter. GE recommends replacing the RPWFE every 6 months or 170 gallons to achieve top performance. 
The GE RPWFE replacement is compatible with the following refrigerator models: 
    Select GE French-Door refrigerators 
Filter Specifications: 
    Part Number: RPWFE; RPWF 
    Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm 
    Filter Material: Carbon Block 
    Filter Type: Drop Down 
    Filter Life: 6 months: 170 gallons 
    Micron Rating: 0.5 
    Operating Pressure: 120 psi 
    Dimensions: 10"x1-3/4" 
    Weight: 4-1/2 lbs 
    Tool-free installation 
GE RPWFE NSF 42/53 Certified for the reduction of the following elements: 
    2, 4-D 99.9% 
    Asbestos 99.9% 
    Atrazine (Herbicide) 94.4% 
    Benzene 96.4% 
    Carbofuran 98.8% 
    Chlorine Taste and Odor 97.4% 
    Cysts 99.99% 
    Lead 99.3% @ 6.5 pH and 98.3% @ 8.5 pH 
    Lindane (A Pesticide) 99% 
    Mercury 91% @ 6.5 pH and 88.3% @ 8.5 pH 
    Nominal Particulant class 1 99% 
    P-Dichlorobenzene 99.8% 
    Toxaphene 93.5% 
    VOC 97.7% 

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