1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible

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Descended from the famous “Letter Series” high-performance (and high luxury) line of large Chryslers that dated back to the 1950s, the 300 convertible had been classed 300 M convertible until 1966, when the “M” was dropped and the car became simply the 300 convertible. It was believed that the letter series designations had become a liability, as sales of these lead-bellied large Chryslers had been flagging for several years.

Still, there would be one last run for glory-It would begin in 1969.

This was the first year for Chrysler’s all-new “fuselage” look, inspired by military aviation – and the 300 convertible displayed it to full effect. Sleek, wide and low, with minimal ornamentation and ready to get down to business. The one-piece wrap-around grille seemed pressed into the front end sheet metal.

No less than a big-block 440 four-barrel powered the 300. It made 350 hp and 480 lbs.-ft of torque. And it was merely the standard engine. Buyers could arm up even more heavily by selecting the optional TNT version of the 440 – and enjoy the bullying force of its 375 hp. A three-speed Torqueflite automatic came with either engine.

One of the many things that makes these 300 convertibles so special today was their very low production back in the day. In 1969, only 1,933 were built – vs. 16,075 hardtop coupes and another 14,464 sedans. With a combined two-year production of barely more than 3,000 cars, Chrysler decided to drop the 300 convertible.

* Base price for the ’69 300 convertible was $5,060 vs. $4,714 for the hardtop coupe.

Finished in a beautiful and desirable Jamaica Blue with new and beautiful Blue interior and black power convertible top. This awesome 300 convertible comes well equipped with air conditioning, power top, power steering, power brakes and of course the awesome 440/350 HP engine. This is a beautiful example of what I believe to be the most sought after full size American convertible of the 60s. For the investor, collector, or enthusiast who appreciates and understands the investment potential of this great American icon how can you go wrong with a beautiful big block Mopar?  This is a 70,000 original mile example of American indulgence at its grandest. As clean under the hood as you could possibly hope for and the title shows mileage as accurate.