1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre Convertible

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Ford introduced the 428 on October 1, 1965, tucked snugly into the engine bay of the 1966 Galaxie 500 7-Litre, a sporty edition of the full-size Ford created specifically to showcase the new engine. Ford had, just a year earlier, redesigned its full-size cars' frames and suspensions to provide a much smoother and more stable ride, one that Ford alleged rivaled the Rolls-Royce in quietness.

While Ford still had the 427 on the full-size's option sheets, ordering one up precluded many creature comfort options. The 428, however, didn't--thus Ford's rationale for introducing it in such a refined mode of transportation.

All cigars and reading room slippers, the 7-Litre, however, was not. Bucket seats, a console, dual exhaust, disc brakes and the beefy C6 automatic transmission came standard, and a four-speed could replace the C6 at no charge.

Ford made the 7-Litre available in just the two sportiest full-size body styles--two-door hardtop, of which Ford built 8,705, and convertible, of which Ford built 2,368. As a one year only exclusive model, It is tough to beat the 7 Litre for exclusiveness as a collectible.

This all leads us to our current offering. Found in a barn with 30 plus years of dirt and grime on it, this one owner car has an astonishing 17,000 original documented miles . Original owner states that they bought the car new from the dealership and that the top was damaged during a hail storm after which it was parked it in the barn until they got time to fix it.  That is where she sat for 30 plus years.  This is a very rare car, 1 of 1938 convertibles with the automatic, 1 of  122 know to still exist.

Vince Panicola of The 7-Litre Group is the co-manager the International 7-Litre Registry and runs the 7-Litre website www.7litre.org.  Vince was kind enough to decode the body tag for us and is adding this car to the registry.   This car is Registry number 4023 in the International 7-Litre Registry.

6 - 1966

G -Assembly Plant Chicago IL

63- Galaxie 500 7-Litre 2-door convertible, bucket seats

Q - 428 345 hp

244690 - sequential serial #

76D - Galaxie 500 7-Litre 2-door convertible, bucket seats

4 - Silver Frost (medium silver metallic)

86 - black "Crinkle" vinyl and black "Rosette" pattern vinyl

09E - May 9th 1966 build date

34 - DSO Indianapolis, Indiana

4 - 3.25:1 non-locking

4 - C6 Automatic


428 Cubic Inch Q Code Ford Big Block

Special heavy duty C6 3 speed automatic transmission

Factory 4 piston front disk brakes.

Power steering and Power brakes