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Rev-X Distance+ Diesel Package 2 Bottles & 8oz Bottle Distance+ Powerstroke

Product image 1Rev-X Distance+ Diesel Package 2 Bottles & 8oz Bottle Distance+ Powerstroke
Product image 2Rev-X Distance+ Diesel Package 2 Bottles & 8oz Bottle Distance+ Powerstroke
Product image 3Rev-X Distance+ Diesel Package 2 Bottles & 8oz Bottle Distance+ Powerstroke
Product image 4Rev-X Distance+ Diesel Package 2 Bottles & 8oz Bottle Distance+ Powerstroke

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Not only is FatMan's Garage an Authorized REV-X OIL Dealer, but we use Rev-X in all our vehicles. 

Free Shipping on all RevX products. 

  • Trucks: Light & Heavy Duty


  • Cars: Passenger, Racing, Off-Road, Vintage, Classic, Muscle Cars


  • Boats: Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Personnel Watercrafts, Power Boats, Fishing Boats


  • Motorcycles: Harley-Davidsons, Street Bikes


  • Others: Lawn and garden, Heavy Equipment Vehicles, Compressors, Hydraulics


REV-X  High Performance Oil Additive 2 Bottle Kit Treats Up To 12 Quarts Of Oil.

• Two bottles of 4-Ounce REV-X High Performance Oil Additive  -  Each bottle treats up to 6 quarts of oil.
• One 8oz bottle of Distance+ that treats 200 Gallons of Diesel Fuel.


If you've been looking for an oil additive that ramps up the performance of any lubricating fluid, without any of the harmful additives used in the past, your search is over. Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive has proven worldwide to outperform all other products while surpassing all expectations. Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive was formulated to be the highest performing oil additive available at any cost with zero downsides. Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive can be blended into all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates high thermal temperatures within treated components providing extended service life for all component and lubricating fluids. 

Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance engines. With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components such as Zinc, Sulfur, and many more from today's diesel fuel and engine oils, the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection. REV-X Performance Oil Additive fills that gap and then blows the previous specifications away with above and beyond performance and protection for any lubricated component in your pride and joy!

Benefits of using REV-X Performance Oil Additive:

  • Increases Efficiency


  • Increases Horsepower and Torque


  • Greatly Improves Starting In Cold Weather


  • Provides Smoother Operation of all Treated Components


  • Extreme Reductions in Component Wear


  • Reduces Operating Temperatures To Increase Performance


  • Increased Lubricant Service Life


  • Can be used in All Types of Lubricating Fluids (Engine Oils, Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluid, Etc).


  • For use in a Huge Variety of Applications That require The Highest Grade of Lubrication Possible


  • Contains No Graphite, Moly, Teflon, Acids or Any Other Harmful Additives


  • Rev-X is safe for all Soft and Exotic Metals


  • Environmentally Friendly Green Product




DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive is simply the most cost effective, complete, and high performance fuel additive available for running any diesel-powered equipment in summer conditions. 

When you are looking for the highest quality summer fuel additive for today's ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, you need to look no further than our DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive. The DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive was formulated to be a true all-in-one ULSD fuel additive that requires NOTHING else to be added. DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive boosts ULSD fuel performance to a level that diesel owners simply have not had the opportunity to purchase. 

Benefits of DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive:


  • Year-Round Protection in Warm Weather Areas


  • 6 point Cetane Increase (not 6% like others)


  • Neutralizes Negative Aspects of Bio Blend Fuels (B5 - B20)


  • Improved Cold Starting On All Diesel Engines


  • Increases Detergent and Lubrication Properties


  • Increases Corrosion Protection


  • Increases Engine Performance


  • Reduces Component Wear


  • Reduces Engine and Exhaust Emissions and Toxic Smoke


  • Dramatically Increases Fuel Storage Life


  • Increases Water Dispersion


  • Reduces EGT Temperatures


  • Keeps Fuel Stable to -0°F


  • Many Customers Are Also Reporting Fuel Mileage Gains as Well!


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What happens if I pour in to much, can I damage my engine?
Answer: No, more Distance Plus will only increase the Cetane levels of the fuel and not damage your engine. Depending on the fuel it may be necessary to use higher concentrations of Distance Plus to get the engine to burn the fuel properly.

Question: How much Distance Plus do I use for my tank?
Answer: One (1) ounce of Distance Plus will treat 25 US Gallons of diesel fuel. Simply use the bottle to squeeze the desired amount and only pour out what you need. Check out our REV X Ultimate for single use.

Question: How well does Distance Plus clean my fuel system?
Answer: Distance Plus restores your fuel system to like new. Note: Check fuel filters after a couple uses as it may need to be changed.


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