Fleetwood Dreaming: A 1958 Ride Built for luxury

Fleetwood Dreaming: A 1958 Ride Built for luxury

Put yourself in a different time. You’re 18, fresh out of high-school. Sick with ambition and yearning to make it in 1958′, your best friend offers you an idea: A limousine company. What makes more money than chauffeuring around Americas latest and greatest celebrities and Politicians? A great idea to be sure, but what car could put confidence into the rich to trust a budding company? Luckily that year, Cadillac had the answer to all of your problems.

Originally priced between $5,170 and $8,675 ($53,312-$89455 in 2022) The 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine was at the pinnacle of luxury for its time, and at that price it would be the best bang for your buck in todays market. With Electric seats and windows, Cruise Control, and Plush padding all the way around, these were filled with top of the line 1958 technology. As we make our way through time, 64 years later, each example of this car is rarer than the last.

With only 802 of these 1958 Cadillacs ever put into production, to see on the road is a once in a lifetime experience. Based upon the series 75 Fleetwood sedan, a more common occurrence (but still not often seen), these cars are an ode to what can be achieved in the automotive industry when it comes to not only external but internal beauty. Fitted with the then new double bucket headlights, a step up from the single headlights of the 57, as well as slightly smaller fins, there isn’t a replacement for this car.

Pushing an astonishing 310 Horsepower out of a 6.0 liter 365 Cubic Inch small block, fitted with a single barrel carb, these cars were more than powerful enough to move the extended wheelbase and any people who fill the 9 Seats.

All in all, this car is something to be desired for lovers of classic and luxury cars alike. Thank you for coming to learn with me, if you’re interested in other topics feel free to check out my other articles.

By James Carlisle

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