Parting out 1977 Honda GoldWing GL1000

Parting out 1977 Honda GoldWing GL1000

Got this very solid 1977 Honda Goldwing GL1000 at an auction.  Everything appears to be intact.  We got it running briefly, but the cabs are going to need to be rebuilt.  We have had a lot more interest in the parts from this bike than the entire bike, so we will be parting it out. You can check out some of the parts we have available .

In 1977 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 with a liquid-cooled flat-four SOHC engine, with a gear-driven generator that contra-rotated to counteract the engine's torque reaction. Cylinder Block and crankcase were integral, with the transmission situated beneath the crankcase to keep the engine as short as possible. Final drive is by shaft.  Has the Vetter Windjammer flaring with radio and CB

The original 999 cubic centimeters (61.0 cu in) GL1000 (designated K2) had an electric starter backed up by a kick starter lever stored inside a dummy fuel tank, which also housed the radiator expansion tank, electrical components, as well as the air filter supplying four Keihin 32 mm CV cabs.  The real fuel tank was under the seat, in order to keep the center of mass as low as possible. The bike had a weight of 594 pounds.

In the third model year (K2) Honda began refining the Gold Wing, although the changes for 1977 were small, such as exhaust pipe heat shields, revised seat and handlebar, as well as a new fuel gauge. Weight increased to 595 pounds.

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