What’s New: Hundreds of Lights New In Box!

What’s New: Hundreds of Lights New In Box!

You probably know us for our collections of vintage finds or the classic cars we get coming through the garage, but we’ve got something brand new to introduce to you—literally! We’ve brought in hundreds of brand new residential light fixtures never before used and still in their original boxes. There’s a little bit of everything, from this rubbed bronze wall sconce to this beautiful chandelier. Wall fixtures, outdoor lights, ceiling fan fixtures, whatever you’re looking for we’ve got!


Check out the lighting section here to see all of the available fixtures, and come back often, because we have new fixtures going up all the time.



The semi filled with the brand new lights docked

bright and early at the warehouse to be unloaded.


Lots of pallets ready to be broken down and sorted!


FatMan’s Tips for Choosing Lights for Your Home


  1. Measure your space before you start shopping.


Measuring the space you’re lighting gives you an idea of how big of a lamp you’re going to need. Getting a fixture too big can make your room feel cramped, but too small just looks out of place. Some larger spaces can even benefit from multiple fixtures to balance out the visual aesthetic of the room. Visualize where you’d like hanging fixtures to end and measure how far from the ceiling that mark is. Use measurements provided of fixtures you like and hold a tape measure up to the desired placement to gauge how large it is compared to your room.


  1. Don’t be afraid to mix finishes and shade colors.


Matching is all fun and good, but don’t be afraid to add some variation to your space! Using a couple different finished in a room can bring interesting visual elements to your design. You can pair bronze and gold or silver and black finishes, just to name a couple. Flip through a home design magazine and find some combinations you like for your own space.


  1. Check the clearance of any hanging light fixtures.


Light fixtures over dining room tables can hang lower than those hanging down over a walkway. Make sure to measure the clearance of every hanging fixture placed where people will be walking to be sure nobody will be hitting their head trying to cross the room.


  1. Coordinate lights across rooms.


You can easily get away with two completely different designs in rooms that aren’t connected. But if you have an open floor plan, those two design choices can easily start to clash. With adjoining rooms in an open floor plan, coordinate elements of the fixtures in both, such as the finish or the shape. This can help create a cohesive look throughout your home.


  1. Check the weight load of any fixtures being installed.


Especially with the heavier and larger fixtures, be sure they are being installed in areas that can bear the weight of the light once it’s installed, and check for wall studs before drilling to install a fixture.


We’re ready to get you outfitted for your next home upgrade, so feel free to reach out with questions or offers. We’re always up for a good haggle!

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